Low Level Access Equipment Training Course

Low Level Access Equipment Training Course (Accredited)

Accredited Low Level Access Equipment Safety Training Course

Low level access equipment is becoming steadily more common in a range of industries, with equipment like folding/low-level access towers and podium steps all seeing increasingly more widespread use.

This nationally-accredited course is designed to adhere to the standards set out by the Health & Safety at Work act. Instructors teaching this course will cover topics such the assembly and dismantling of low-level access equipment, the specific hazards and risks involved with its use, the responsibilities of its user and the proper approach to inspecting components for damage or wear.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will be fully capable of assembling, dismantling and relocating low level access units without exposing themselves or others to any risk of personal injury. They will also be confident in their ability to carry out a safe, thorough inspection of the equipment before use.

This is one of our Half-Day courses, which means it will last a maximum of 4 hours. Candidates will be tested with both theory and practical assessments, and on successful completion will be issued with a photocard ID, valid for 5 years.

Course Candidates

Our nationally recognised and accredited low-level access equipment training course is available – and indeed actively recommended – for anyone who uses low level access equipment, whether occasionally or on a regular daily basis. The versatility and relatively high stability of low-level access equipment makes it useful for a diverse range of tasks, so anyone working in a broad array of industries can benefit from training on its correct use.

This includes employees operating in locations such as construction sites, industrial units, shops, schools, hospitals or colleges, using access equipment with a height of 2.5m or below.

  • Introduction
  • Health & Safety Legislations and Standards
  • Guidance and Information
  • Low Level Access options
  • Components, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Assembly / Dismantling Equipment
  • Hazards
  • DVD
  • Your responsibilities
  • Practical Demonstration & Assessment


How long does the course last?

This is a Half-Day course, which means it will generally last no longer than 4 hours. We’re able to offer 2 sessions of this course in a single day to cater for larger groups, and to save you both the time and money that would be involved in booking a second day.

How will I be assessed?

You’ll be assessed through both Theory and Practical assessments.

Should I bring anything with me to the course?

You will need to bring proper head protection, gloves protective footwear and suitable clothing for the practical session, to minimise the risk of injury. That means no converses or similar, and clothes shouldn’t be restrictive by limiting your range or speed of movement. Also, no bracelets or jewellery that might catch on anything. Finally, it’s wise to bear in mind weather conditions!

Do I need to have previous experience?

You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience as entry requirements for this particular course, but it would be helpful for you to have a basic understanding of Work at Height issues before you arrive. It’s worth noting that it is important for you to be physically fit and able enough to carry out practical activities during the course.

Will I get a certificate on completion of the course?

A photocard will be issued to successful candidates who complete the theory and practical sessions. These are valid for 5 years. All delegates will receive course content & notes booklet and a current Code of Practice booklet will be issued to all delegates who attend the course.

(From 1st January 2022, delegates will no longer receive a printed certificate).

Where is the course held?

We can carry out this training on your location providing you have the correct equipment available on site.

We can also provide training at any of our approved training centre in:

Trafford Park
West Midlands

Whatever the case, we can assure you that your operatives will receive the absolute highest standard of training in Low-Level Access Equipment.

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