How often should industrial access equipment be inspected

How often should access equipment be inspected?

Posted on 15th Aug, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

While Class 1 Ladders are the best ladders when it comes to strength, quality and durability, they still need regular assessments, inspections and maintenance. While they’ve been built to withstand heavy use, regular use of industrial strength ladders will eventually lead to wear and tear. Considering their use, we recommend industrial access equipment be inspected every three months, using a professional inspection service. Of course, regular inspections in-house are also essential in ensuring health and safety at work.

Ladders and access equipment inspection frequency

As industrial ladders are used on a regular basis, they need regular inspections. While domestic ladders, used infrequently, can get away with a 12 monthly check, industrial access equipment needs to be inspected more frequently.

As with all ladders, it’s important to assess the condition of your industrial-strength ladder yourself, before each use.

An industrial-grade ladder should be assessed for:

  • General condition and any visible defects, such as missing fixtures or bent rungs
  • General stability, assessing the rungs, stiles, locking mechanisms, ladder feet, and extension guides and locks

Furthermore, ladders that a part of a scaffold system should be inspected every seven days, in accordance with HSE regulations.

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Get your ladders frequently inspected at Browns Ladders

We also recommend detailed inspections of your access equipment every three months, carried out by an independent and professional company. At Browns Ladders, we offer professional, unbiased ladder inspections. During our inspections, we can assess up to 50 items – ensuring each item is safe for use.

Our Ladder Inspections also include ladder maintenance. We offer this service at the same time as our detailed visual inspection – carrying our any essential repairs to maintain health and safety. Our repair service includes everything from tightening bolts to replacing fixtures.

Ladder identification is another important part of our service. When you work in a busy industrial environment, it can be hard to stay on top of ladder maintenance and checks. Our ladder identification service, which is included in the price of our Ladder Inspections, ensures you keep on top of regular maintenance checks. Once inspected, each ladder in clearly tagged. The tag includes information about the most recent inspection including the inspection date.

At Browns Safety Services, we take away the hard work of managing your ladder inspections by sending reminders when your next one is due. When you opt for our three-month regular check service, we’ll send you a reminder two weeks before – ensuring you’re prepared for the next inspection. Each product will also have the ‘Next Inspection Date’ detailed on the identification label. You can book your Ladder Inspection online today.

While essential, ladder inspections are just one of the investments required to ensure safety at work. Safety training is also important to ensure optimum health and safety. If you’re new to using access equipment or it’s been a while since your last training course, we recommend signing up to our Ladders, Steps & Scaffold Towers Training Course.

What industry do you work in and how often are your ladders inspected? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsSafety

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