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Posted on 23rd Jan, 2013 | By Lorretta Tatham

Ladder Safety

At Browns Ladders, we know how easily accidents can happen, which is why we constantly stress the importance of ladder safety and offer support and guidance for working at height.

Working at height is one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries.

Without taking proper safety measures, the most horrific accidents can occur – as these incidents, publicised by the Health and Safety Executive, demonstrate:

Unsecured ladder

A window cleaner broke his ribs, fingers and arm after falling 2.3 metres from his ladder while cleaning the windows on a new house.

Even though the ground sloped away from the building, the ladder was unsecured and not footed properly.

The construction company had not produced a method statement and the injured man had received no health and safety induction when he arrived on site.

Incorrect equipment

A 16-year-old farm worker sustained serious leg injuries following a ladder fall. He was attempting to fix a door runner 4.5 m from the ground when he overreached and slipped off.

It was later concluded that a forklift cage or tower scaffold should have been used, but the supervisor decided to use the ladder for a quicker job.

A ladder in poor condition

A ladder in poor condition with loose and bent rungs caused a self-employed installer to break his heel and other bones on a concrete floor.

He was fitting cavity wall insulation using a heavy diamond tube drill.

He fell 3m after he overreached. He has had major surgery several times but cannot walk without crutches and is unable to work.

Don’t be a victim

It is very important you follow Health and Safety Executive guidelines and have your ladders serviced regularly to ensure they are fit for use.

We’re here to help – take a look at our work at height training courses to ensure you or your employees never make a mistake.

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