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Harness Training is critical for anyone Working At Height

Posted on 21st Feb, 2023 | By Isobel

We explore why Harness Training is essential for anyone working at height…

It’s quite likely you’ll have seen the recent statistics that working at height continues to be the leading cause of workplace fatalities within the UK. With 29 of the 123 workplace deaths between January 2021 and March 22 being caused by falls from height, this is certainly a concerning trend that businesses need to pay attention to. 

Working at heights is an essential part of many jobs, including construction, maintenance, and cleaning industries. However, it is also one of the most dangerous activities that workers undertake. Falls from height can cause serious injuries, including fractures, head injuries and even death. 

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and ensure that they are safe whilst working at height. This includes providing the necessary training equipment to carry out their duties safely. Unfortunately, in many cases, workers are not adequately trained or equipped, which can lead to accidents and injuries. 


What is a Safety Harness?

A safety harness is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed to protect workers from sustaining injuries or fatalities whilst working at height. The harness is typically made up of straps that are worn over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs. It is designed to distribute the force of a fall across the wearer’s body to reduce the risk of injury. 

A harness is usually attached to a lanyard or a lifeline which is secured to a secure anchor point. The lanyard is used to connect the harness to the anchor point, while the lifeline is used to prevent the worker from falling by providing a secure connection. 

As much as we encourage using harnesses and lanyards, they are only as good as the individual who uses them. I.e. if they are used incorrectly, then they may not offer any support during a moment of crisis. This is why we offer comprehensive Harness Training to businesses.


Who should wear Safety Harnesses and Lanyards?

In general, if there is a risk of a fall from a height of two metres or more, workers should be wearing fall protective equipment, including a safety harness and lanyard. This includes work on roofs, scaffolding, and any other elevated structures. 

If you are…

  • Working above the ground or floor level
  • If you could fall from an edge or through a fragile surface opening 
  • If you could fall from the ground level into an opening/hole within the flooring


Then you are considered to be working at height and should, therefore, be wearing fall protective equipment. 


Using a harness and lanyard correctly

Due to the disturbing figures surrounding deaths whilst working at height, it is essential that employees are confident in their ability to use and wear a harness correctly. Conducting regular inspections is part of this proper use.


What should be checked during a harness inspection?

  • The label
  • Anchor 
  • Webbing
  • Buckles
  • Loops
  • Straps


How can Browns Safety Services help?

Here at Browns Safety Services, we passionately believe that any workplace death is one too many. For this reason, we deliver a comprehensive and competitively priced Harnesses & Lanyard training program that runs for four hours at our in-house training facilities in Brierfield, Lancashire. 


Not only does this training ensure that your workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe whilst working at height, but it’s a great way to ensure you’re fulfilling your legal obligations as an employer, too – and sets the example that you take health and safety seriously within your workplace. 

For more information on our Safety Harness Training, then get in touch with our team of Health & Safety experts on 01282 615517 or by dropping us a message here!

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