Health-and-safety for-window-fitters

Health and safety for window fitters

Posted on 8th Feb, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

Whether fitting windows on a bungalow or a multi-storey hotel, all sorts of hazards and dangers await. From working at heights to dealing with fragile, dangerous materials, window fitters need to be on the ball at all times to ensure health and safety at work. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing all our top tips for staying safe at work, as well as giving you recommendations on the best health and safety training courses suited to your trade.

What are the risk factors of the job?

The problem with window fitting is that every element of the job carries risk. Fitters need to be fully aware of the risks they face on a daily basis and carry out appropriate risk assessments to manage their work. 


Risk #1 Working from elevated platforms and scaffold towers

Scaffold towers and platforms require different set-up and working practices to when working on ladders. Employees need to be trained in the use of both. 


Risk #2 Fitting windows while positioned on a ladder

Falls from ladders are one of the biggest causes of injury in the industry. An employee needs to follow safe practices and remain three points of contact at all times.


Risk #3 Handling tools, chemicals and materials

Employees need to be properly trained in all tools and equipment used. Instructions on chemical use also need to be followed, and the correct PPE worn when necessary.

Health and safety for window fitters

Risk #4 Transporting equipment to and from jobs

Ladders and materials can be heavy. But whether a piece of equipment is heavy or not, the right manual handling procedures need to be followed to prevent strain and injury.


Risk #5 Working with glass and fragile materials

Glass can cause serious cuts and potentially life-threatening injury. An awareness of the risks and knowledge of how to handle the risks is important. Knowledge of first aid would also be helpful.


Risk #6 Time pressures and busy workload

Incidents and accidents can be caused by rushing jobs and trying to meet tight deadlines. Safety should never be compromised, no matter how tight your timescales might be. If this becomes a problem it’s important to speak to your employer.


What training can I undertake to improve?

At Browns Ladders, we have a wide range of safety training courses designed to help many of the issues you might face. Some of the offerings you might like to consider are:

To find out more about any of these courses, or to book your place onto our next offering, call the Course Enquiries team on 01282 615517.

Are you a window fitter? If so, why not share your top tips for staying safe on the job. You can leave your advice below, or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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