How does ‘Working At Height’ training save lives?

Posted on 3rd Nov, 2022 | By Lorretta Tatham

Recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows that falls from heights are still the biggest cause of death within the workplace, accounting for 24% of all workplace-related deaths and resulting in 29 fatalities between January 2021 and March 2022. Whether you’re an employer or self-employed, these statistics should alarm you.

Here at Brown’s Ladders, we offer comprehensive Working At Height training courses to help you improve the safety of your workplace and prevent fatalities like this from occurring.

Let’s take a look at how ‘Working At Height’ training helps to prevent accidents and save lives…

Increased confidence and capabilities

After participating in our Working At Height training course, your workforce should feel more confident in their capabilities and responsibilities when working at heights. Staff members who are aware of the risks and potential hazards will be able to identify dangerous situations before accidents occur – and will have increased confidence in taking preventative action when it may be required. This can save lives as it empowers your employees to take responsibility for their safety whilst working at heights.

Contributes to a positive health and safety culture

By engaging your workforce in regular health and safety training, you will notice that safe practices of work become second nature to everyone. Reminding employees of the correct ways of working places safety at the forefront of their minds – and this carries through to other areas of the business, too.

Staff share the knowledge and insight they have gained

When members of your team have taken part in safety training that is engaging and interesting, they are likely to share their insights and newly acquired knowledge with their colleagues, friends and family members. Our Working At Height training course is designed to be educational and engaging so that you will remember and share your new insights!

Increased awareness of potential risks

By making your team aware of the potential risks and hazards to look for when working at heights – you are reducing the likelihood that these hazards will be ignored within your workplace, therefore preventing the chance of a serious or fatal accident occurring.

Our Working At Height training course is designed to provide delegates with a thorough working knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations, 2005. The course is designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand, covering all the key areas which relate to working safely at height. For more information or to book your place on the course, please ring 01282 937005 or get in touch here!

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