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HOW TO: Inspect your ladders in the workplace

Posted on 24th Jul, 2015 | By Lorretta Tatham

To ensure your safety while using access equipment pre-use checks must be carried out. Despite the few extra minutes it may take to carry out a ladder inspection, it’s essential that all equipment is deemed safe before use. Failing to carry out these simple pre-work checks can come at a real cost – including fatal slips and falls.

The 5 pre-use checks that must be carried out

The following pre-use checks should be carried out daily, before use of your equipment. Further checks should also be made when moving the ladder from one place to another, making sure the surface is clean, even and allows a good stable base for the ladder.

  1. Check the stiles – Bent or split stiles could cause a ladder to collapse.
  1. Check the feet – If the feet are missing, worn or damaged, your ladder may slip or wobble. The feet should also be clean and in contact with the ground when set up and in use.
  1. Check the rungs – Bent or missing rungs increase the chances of falling. Likewise, dirty rungs covered in grime and slippery substances can also lead to trips and falls.
  1. Check locking bars – Locking bars are designed to keep you safe and should be fully functioning. If they’re bent, or the bars are worn or damaged, they’re unlikely to perform properly.
  1. Check the platform – Any platform should be free from splits. It should also be clean, to prevent slips or trips while working from it.

Generally you should be making sure that there are no visible defects and that the access equipment you’re using is suitable for work use. Your pre-use checks should also extend to cover any stability devices and other accessories that you plan on using along with the access equipment.

Should you find any defects with a ladder, or any access equipment you plan on using, it shouldn’t be used until repaired or replaced with a fully functioning piece of equipment.

The importance of routine ladder inspections

As well as carrying out pre-work checks before each use, regular, more thorough inspections should also be carried out by a competent person every 3-6 months – depending on frequency of use of the equipment.

The Browns Ladders team can carry out these inspections for you. The process is really quite quick and causes minimal disruption to your business. We travel to you and can inspect up to 50 ladders for you in one day, making sure that you are working in the safest environment possible. If we do find any ladders that fail inspection requirements, we can also repair and return them to you later that day, ensuring you’re back on top form as quickly as possible. To find out more about our ladder inspections give our team a call today on 01282 615 517.

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