How to use a fruit picking ladder safely during spring

Posted on 29th May, 2020 | By Lorretta Tatham

With spring and summer bringing more and more flowers and trees into bloom, it’s the perfect time to get some fruit picking done. You might have some blooming in your own back garden, or plan to do some as part of your normal paid work. But whether it’s a day job or a bonding activity with family, to get the best results (and stay safe while you do it) there are a couple of things it’s worth bearing in mind. Here are just a few!

General safety considerations

If you’ve not been fruit picking before, it’s one of those things that can be easy to underestimate. It takes considerable effort and it can be a little more intensive than lots of people give it credit for, so try and avoid doing it on an overly strict timescale if you can! It’s a good idea to ensure that you’re only using boxes that are small enough to be filled safely, and won’t become too heavy in a way that might cause you to lose your balance. And of course all the normal manual handling rules apply – don’t overexert yourself, and always lift using bended knees, rather than leading over to do it with your back.

Choose your ladder wisely. This is perhaps one of the most important bits of safety advice that we can give. It’s vitally important to choose a ladder that’s suited to the task at hand, rather than trying to make do with one that’s designed for doing something different. If you’re not using a ladder for its specific purpose, there’s no guarantee that it can help you get the job done, or keep you safe while doing it. We recommend using a dedicated fruit picking ladder. It’s not like you have to go very far to find them – we’ve got a great range of the best fruit picking ladders right here at Browns.

Key tips on using your ladder for fruit picking

Choose your spot carefully

Fruit picking ladders are suited to all types of terrain, but you can do just fine if it’s a little softer like soil or grass – as long as you set your ladder up carefully! Place it with your hands firmly on the rungs, and double check it before you climb it.

When you’re climbing the ladder, make sure to hold the picking basket to one side so that you’re not clattering it into the rungs, which can end up knocking you off balance. For best results when fruit picking, it’s best to grasp the fruit firming in one hand and lift it. Don’t just tug it sharply off the stem, as this can break the spur and limit the opportunities for next year’s fruit to grow.

Make sure to only pick fruit that’s easily reachable, and preferably not higher than your shoulders. If you’re picking fruit that’s above your head, it can be easy to lose your balance. Equally, don’t put your hips outside the guard rails, as this is another surefire way to lose your balance.

Most importantly, listen to your gut. If you’ve got any doubts at all, don’t ever climb a ladder that you don’t 100% trust with your safety. If you’re looking for a replacement ladder, or your first dedicated fruit picking ladder, you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Browns Ladders we’ve got a huge variety of them in stock right here on our site, so feel free to browse our range. If you’ve got any questions or you need any advice, we’re only a quick phone call away on 01282 615517.

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