Ladder Safety: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

Posted on 4th Feb, 2014 | By Lorretta Tatham


As a former Argos employee is awarded €25,000 for injuries sustained during a fall at work, Browns Ladders is urging employers to do more to ensure staff safety.

In 2007, 42-year-old Nicola Starmer took on a temporary front-of-house position with her local Argos branch in Waterford. During one of her shifts, Ms Starmer was asked to go to the stockroom and retrieve items from high shelves in order to dispatch them to a customer.

While descending from the poorly positioned ladder with a box under her left arm, she fell backwards, landing on her right side and dislocating her wrist.

While Argos Waterford denied liability, the judge on the case concluded that Ms Starmer had been under pressure and had not been adequately trained in ladder safety.

Ladder Safety: Does Your Company Need To Step It Up?

Here at Browns Ladders, we offer a range of ladder safety training that’s ideal for commercial enterprises:

Our In House Ladders & Steps Training Course is perfectly suited to operatives who use ladders and step ladders at work, but only for short periods.

Protect your staff by enrolling them on a nationally recognised, accredited Ladders and Steps training course, suited to operatives who use ladders and step ladders for short periods.

Our House Ladders, Steps and Towers course is designed for operatives who use Ladders, Steps and Scaffold Towers as a routine part of their work.

Ladder Inspections: Assess Your Equipment; Protect Your Staff

You’ve made sure that your staff are all well trained in ladder safety, but what about the equipment itself?

Regular ladder inspections should be a routine event in workplaces where ladders and steps are used, and can be instrumental in preventing avoidable workplace accidents.

The Health and Safety Executive requires all duty holders to ensure that “equipment for work at height is properly inspected and maintained”.

Browns Ladders offers a high quality ladder inspection service that will help to improve the safety of your staff members and offer legal protection for your business.

Our experienced team of ladder inspection experts have been in the business since 1997, and can examine up to 50 of your access items in one day, offering you peace of mind and value for money. With companies like Walkers Snack Foods, Warburtons Bakeries and Silentnight Beds on our books, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Why book a ladder inspection with Browns Safety Services?

As experts in ladders and access equipment, we offer the complete package when it comes to ladder inspections – we can even repair damaged equipment on-site, helping to minimise expense and disruption to your business operations

We can book you in for three, four or six monthly intervals, as per HSE recommendations, and we’ll send you an email report after each ladder inspection confirming that you’ve fulfilled your obligations and, if necessary, taken action.

Call us today on 01282 615517 and one of our helpful advisors will be happy to talk through your ladder safety requirements.

Alternatively, come and have a chat with us on Twitter or in the comments section below– we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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