Safety training throughout Yorkshire

Safety training throughout Yorkshire

Posted on 13th Jul, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

With Yorkshire boasting a huge number of trade and industrial businesses, health and safety in the county has never been so important. At Browns Ladders, we provide businesses with the best safety training Yorkshire has to offer, with training centres in the county and courses available on-site at your factory.

Accidents at work in North Yorkshire

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Many of Yorkshire’s businesses are based in York – so it’s no surprise that here, in the North of Yorkshire, there have been a number of serious accidents reported.

In May this year, a man was taken to hospital after falling from a ladder at the York Business Park. He was flown to Leeds General Infirmary with possible head injuries following his accident while working as a cleaning contractor.

Work accidents in South Yorkshire

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Like the rest of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire too has seen its fair share of health and safety incidents. One of the major stories to hit the news last year was the story of the South Yorkshire worker killed when he was struck in the face by a shard from an abrasive disc. The disc had exploded from a hand-held grinding machine and saw the man die instantly. The steel foundry he worked from pleaded guilty to a serious safety breach and was fined accordingly.

Industrial accidents in West Yorkshire

Asbestos safety training

With Ferrybridge power station based in West Yorkshire alongside a number of leading Yorkshire trades businesses, the risk of injury is rife here too – with falls from a height and asbestos being just two of the worries.

According to the Yorkshire Post, a Yorkshire man who’d survived an industrial accident in 1965 went on to die 43 years later from an asbestos-related illness. Ken Hoggett worked at the Ferrybridge power station when three towers collapsed in 1965 but was lucky enough to survive the accident. It was the other jobs that saw him inhaling asbestos fibres that eventually led to his death.

Professional work incidents in East Yorkshire

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It’s not the busy industrial firms that see accidents happen on a frequent basis. Some of those businesses in East Yorkshire, based near the coastline, also face day-to-day risks.

Earlier this month, a 44-year-old man was airlifted to hospital after he fell from a ladder in Bridlington. The man was cleaning windows at the time.

Maintaining health and safety at work in Yorkshire

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The only way you can be sure to minimise accidents and improve safety at work is with proper health and safety training. At Browns Safety Services we offer a wide range of safety training courses suited to a variety of trades.

Our most popular offerings include:

Our training courses can be delivered in-house or on-site, depending on the type of course and number of attendees. For those living in Yorkshire, we have a training centre in Brighouse too – where you can attend any one of our fantastic courses. To find out more, contact our Safety Training team on 01282 615517.

If you work as a tradesperson in Yorkshire, you might also want to consider our Ladder Inspections. Ensuring the safety of your access equipment, they’re a great way to keep all your equipment well maintained.

Have you attended any of the safety training courses mentioned in today’s blog? If so, leave a review in the comments below or tweet your review to us @BrownsLadders

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