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UK-wide safety alert issued for angle grinders

Posted on 3rd Aug, 2021 | By Lorretta Tatham

There has been a nationwide safety alert from the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) for a chainsaw disc which has been incorrectly sold as an angle grinder attachment. The OPSS has said that this attachment is not designed to be used with an angle grinder and could cause a loss of control, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.

This alert has come as a result of injuries being caused from kickback from the chain gripping the cutting surface, forcing the grinder to sharply turn or jump out of the user’s hand. This can lead to potential loss of hand or fingers, head injury, or fatality. The discs in question were used to simulate the effect of using a chainsaw, but angle grinders fail to meet the safety features required to use such an attachment.

OPSS carried out an investigation into a chainsaw disc attachment that has been incorrectly sold to be used with angle grinders, as these products have shown to present a serious risk of injury or fatality. Consumers, local trading standards authorities and businesses are required to take specific action to stop the use of the product, as well as removing them from the market. For total peace of mind, it may be worth double-checking with your supplier to make sure they are aware of the issues and can recall the product.

Angle Grinder Disc

What to look for:

Product type
Angle Grinder Chainsaw Disc
Alert number
Product identifiers
EAN 0869692691954
Product description
4 Inch Grinder Chain Disc 22mm Arbor 22 Tooth Wood Carving Disc For Angle Grinder
A Risk of serious injury or fatality from the disc slipping or producing kick back during use

A quick recap on the essentials of using an angle grinder

  • Make your workplace safe
    You should always check to make sure your workplace is clean and tidy, with adequate light and ventilation. Check that there are no boxes kept in close proximity and be aware of any sparks.
  • Use protective clothing
    Eyes, ears, and hands are all areas that need to be protected, so make sure you’re safe before you operate any tools. Protective equipment includes tough gloves, steel-toe shoes, and face protection such as goggles or a shield.
  • Check the condition of the angle grinder
    The electrics and tool should be checked before each use.
  • Choose the correct disc
    Always make sure any discs and cutters are appropriate for the tools.

Abrasive wheel training

While angle grinders come with potential dangers, if you have received the correct training and follow the instructions, this can minimise risks to your health and workplace. We offer a dedicated abrasive wheel training course here at Browns Safety, covering all the essentials of use while going into more detail about the specific dangers that can arise. To book your place, click on the link above, or feel free to  contact us directly by calling us on 01282 615517, or emailing us on

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