Ladders & Steps Training Courses

We carry out our training courses both in-house and on-site. They’re designed to give a full and comprehensive understanding to anyone involved with ladders, stepladders and similar access equipment at work, whether using them directly or overseeing their use.

The primary focus of all of our courses is to ensure the safe setup and use of access equipment, which makes them ideal for office staff, maintenance operatives, system fitters, electricians and installation workers.

Course Overview & Objectives

Our courses here at Browns Safety aim to give our candidates a solid understanding and appreciation of the potential hazards involved in operating ladders and stepladders. As part of this, our instructors educate candidates with the skills necessary to conduct pre-use ladder inspections, including how to recognise each developing hazard, and the best methods for how to deal with them. By the course’s end, each candidate will be fully qualified to set up and personally guarantee a safe working environment.

Our Ladders & Steps Training Courses

Ladders & Steps Training Course

Safe Use & Pre-Use Inspection of Ladders & Steps

This is one of our non-accredited courses here at Browns Ladders.

Ladders & Steps Training Course

Nationally Recognised (Accredited) Ladders & Steps User Course

This is one of our nationally accredited courses.

Ladders & Steps Training Course

Nationally Recognised (Accredited) Ladders & Steps Inspector Course

This is a nationally recognised Inspector course

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