Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella Awareness Training Course

Training on the awareness of legionella bacteria in water systems

Legionella bacteria is the leading cause of Legionnaires disease, a deadly illness which is estimated to kill between 200 and 300 people a year in the UK. This figure is widely believed to be a very conservative estimate; it’s very likely that the true number of diagnosed cases is much higher.

As the most serious type of legionellosis (an infection caused by the Legionella bacteria), Legionnaires disease causes a high fever in sufferers, and around 12% of cases are ultimately fatal.

Course Objectives

In association with Water Compliance, our experts at Browns Safety have developed a half-day Legionella Awareness Training Course in an attempt to raise awareness of Legionnaires disease. The course will demonstrate how to prevent outbreaks, and the best ways to examine water systems that could potentially develop the Legionella bacterium.

Candidates will gain a greater understanding of the risks associated with Legionella bacteria, and the processes required to prevent and/or control these risks, in line with the new Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP), L8 and technical guidance.

Course Candidates

The course is suitable for people with a minimal understanding of the characteristics and risks of the Legionella bacteria, and a similar unfamiliarity with the associated legislation designed to prevent outbreaks. Additionally, the course is exceptionally well suited for people who work in an environment where there is a wide use of water handling systems.

The training itself will last for around three hours, although the exact length may vary depending on the number of candidates. Upon completion of the course, candidates will be asked to complete a short written test before receiving a certificate of competency.

Legionella bacteria testing

  • What is Legionnaires Disease?
  • Which Regulations enforce the control of Legionella?
  • Which documents provide guidance with respect to the Control of Legionella?
  • How is Legionella Bacteria prevented / Controlled?
  • Cooling Towers and Evaporative condensers
  • Other risk systems


    How will I be assessed?

    You’ll be asked to perform a short written test before you receive a certificate attesting to your completion of the Legionella Awareness Course.

    Should I bring anything with me to the course?

    No, you don’t need to bring anything with you.

    How many candidates can you train in a single session?

    We can train 12 people per session, and run two sessions in a single day.

    Where is the course held?

    We can deliver these courses on-site at our customers’ premises throughout the UK – just give us a call on 01282 615517 to book your place.

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